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Four Poems from "Gulf War Diaries"


last night

a piece of missile fell

beside our house

like an enormous steel snowflake


my husband came up

from walking the dog

wide-eyed as a child

a little euphoric


the street was humming

with sirens

and blue police lights


while neighbours savoured

the glamorous side

of terror


does anybody

want the Jews?


the universe

seems to be giving hints


as a pregnant elephant



I look at my child


I admit, in all honesty,

she has a few

rather ordinary faults


but she’s beautiful




life could only benefit

from such bounty


not that talent


or beauty


ever protected anyone

from hatred


in dark times


the eyes of a child watch as a bully

kills his pet


and runs free


evil is not an illusion


it won’t vanish

like a mood

or premenstrual tension


yet there are phantom knots

in a real string


and some nightmares

that can be woken from


you must think

we’re all crazy here


we’re still out

buying Levi’s

and new winter fashions


we’re still

drinking cappuccinos


we’re still hysterical

because the puppy

has worms


and our kids

talk back


we still hope

for self-realization


even with the doomsday machine

parked in our back yard


sure, we’re scared

aren’t you?



this is a world that produced

Hitler, the Khmer Rouge,

the Klu Klux Klan,

bad mothers


the crazy thing about life is

it goes on

Eva Eliav

Eva Eliav studied English Literature at The University of Toronto and The University of Tel Aviv. She is the author of two poetry chapbooks: Eve (Red Bird Chapbooks, 2019) and One Summer Day (Kelsay Books, 2021). Her poetry and flash fiction have appeared in numerous literary journals, including Room, Emrys Journal, Ilanot Review, Flashquake, The Apple Valley Review, Horizon Review, Variant Lit, Luna Station Quarterly, Fairy Tale Magazine, Stand, Constellations, Minyan, Fictive Dream, Gyroscope Review, MacQueen’s Quinterly, Rogue Agent, Thimble, The Lake Magazine, One Art, and Dust. You may browse her website at www.evaeliav.com, where there are samples of poetry, fiction, and art.



Eva Eliav
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